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Foster Friday - Rico's Rescue Story

Foster Friday featuring the pup who started it all, Rico! (Now known as Gimlie) While scrolling through Facebook one hot summer day I ran across a post labeled “Free Dog.” After reading further I learned that Rico had been a bf/gf gift to one another. Once the couple broke up, they moved out of the apartment and left Rico for DAYS on an apartment patio by himself without food or water. I immediately text Max to let him know we needed to help this poor guy.


A day later a young lady dropped Rico off at our home. He was covered in fleas along with his own feces. We got him all cleaned up and posted him on Facebook in search of a new home. That is when a current foster mom from Country Roads Animal Rescue messaged me stating they would accept him into their foster program!



With the help of CRARS we were able to get Rico up to date on shots, fixed and microchipped. He then met his now mom and dad at a play date at our home and they fell in love. Soon after he was adopted by them and has moved to Stillwater, OK!


Max and I hold a special place in our heart for Freako Rico. He was a ball of energy, a love bug and perfect foster brother to Yogi + Jax. If it wasn’t for running across the Facebook post two years ago, I’m not sure we would be fostering dogs and now opening a business to support rescues. God works in mysterious ways!


It’s been almost 2 years since he was adopted. His mom was sweet enough to send us an update and some pictures! He loves to cuddle on the couch and watch TV. He particularly loves cuddling with the heated blanket. He loves popcorn and will wait in front of the microwave when it's popping. He can even catch it in the air. He loves walks and will start freaking out when I put my running shoes on. He is crazy about water! He loves pools, lakes, and will even walk in the shower when you aren't looking. He spends most of the day playing with his sister Rio and his cat brother Bennie.

A special thank you to Country Roads for allowing us to foster this sweet boy through your program and opening our eyes to how many animals are in need.

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