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Foster Friday - Elsie's Rescue Story

Last Saturday Max + I had the honor of meeting a sweet pocket pittie named Elsie. She was rescued by her compassionate foster mom, Brianna, who works as a Dogger at the 9th Street Barking Lot daycare and spends her free time rescuing animals. Brianna is currently fostering 8 dogs and has helped save 350 since she began. She has 11 dogs of her own and at least 8 of those are dogs would not be alive today if she hadn't stepped up.

When Brianna took Elsie to the vet she learned that her teeth had been shaven down to nubs so that her previous owner could use her as a bait dog. For those who don't know, that means Elsie would be in the middle of two dogs baiting a dog fight and wouldn't be able to protect herself due to her teeth. Elise was saved by her foster mom at just the right time. Her life has been saved and she is in search of her forever family. Read below to learn more about Elsie's story in her foster moms own words!
Elsie had been roaming the streets of a rural Oklahoma town, that is known for dog fighting, for several weeks. She had just had babies, and was extremely terrified of people. After she was finally caught by a group of rodeo people, she was posted to see if anyone would claim, and they did not. I got the call about her, and knew she was one I just had to grab. After getting her, i took a good assessment of the condition she was in. She was filthy, starving, clearly abused, and all her teeth had been shaven down to nubs. We can only imagine what she endured in her life before she was saved. We have learned she is only about 3 years old, and has been extremely over bred and mistreated, but she holds NO grudges, she absolutely loves people, kids, cats, dogs, everything! She is an incredible dog who has made a complete turn around from the life she once lived. Elsie is a precious low rider love bug who is potty trained, crate trained, and snuggle trained 😉 she has so much love to give.
Update: Elsie was adopted by her foster mom! :)

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