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Let's first break the ice - I'm Moria, pronounced "Mariah." I am a 27 year old wife, dog mom, occasional dog foster mom and lover of animals.My husband and I began this small business in May of 2018 with the hopes to save more animals. 

My love for animals began when I was younger. We lived in the country and I would spend time with my older sister playing in an old barn on our property. In the barn were not only the neighbors horses but also cats, LOTS of cats. Also, of course, living in the country meant stray dogs. My dad wasn't big on dogs - but my mom had pretty good luck talking him into keeping quite a few. 

Fast forward to 6 years ago when I met Max who is now my husband. It was April 2012 and we fell madly in love. He moved in with me 45 minutes from our hometown to Stillwater, Oklahoma. Go Pokes! After 6 months of dating we did the cheesy thing of buying our first dog together. Meet our pride and joy, Yogi! 


Yogi is an energetic little Morkie we bought off of a Beg Barter and Buy Facebook site. When we had him for a year or so and decided he needed a companion. That's when we came across another Morkie on the same site and bought him as well. His name is Jaxon! Jaxon + Yogi have been best friends ever since.


My love for dogs started when I was little, but I could tell as I got older it wasn't just a dog obsession.. It was a passion. You always hear people say something along the lines of "Find your passion in life and run with it" ... and I beat myself up for years over not knowing exactly what it was. Then there was a homeless dog that needed help and the rest is history.


The first dog we committed to fostering was a wire haired boy named Rico. He was abandoned after a couple bought them as a gift to one another and then broke up. He was left on a balcony patio alone without food and water for days after the couple moved out. I am so very thankful we crossed paths with Rico, as he truly opened my eyes to the need for animal advocacy across the US. I never truly understood why I should "Adopt Don't Shop" instead of purchasing from a silly online Facebook page. I never knew that every 7 seconds a shelter animal is being euthanized or that each year 3.7 million homeless animals are euthanized simply because shelters do not have the resources to provide for them.


We have now fostered 5 dogs so far through Country Roads Animal Rescue. In fostering I've literally lost my mind at times, but ultimately I've found my heart and my passion. In Feburary of 2018 we finally did what we told everyone we wouldn't do, foster failed. We adopted our sweet foster, Brodie, who was found as a stray and diagnosed with Parvo. Country Roads is one of the few Animal Rescues in Oklahoma who takes on expensive and difficult cases like Brodie, basically paying more in vet bills than what it cost for me to adopt him. 


Now that our household includes 3 energetic small *yippy* dogs, we are finding it tough to be able to foster more animals in need. Max + I both work the typical Corporate jobs. Monday-Friday 8am-5pm with an hour commute back and forth each day. Which leaves very little time for us to continue to do what we love, foster animals.

After adopting Brodie I hit the ground running with ideas of how I can continue to support shelter animals in need. One day it hit me - An at-home business where a portion of the profits will directly benefit an animal rescue each month. Welcome to Happy Tails! 

My dream is to eventually be able to no longer work my 8-5pm job and fully focus on Happy Tails. That will give me the opportunity to work from home with my fur kids, take in more fosters and volunteer more time to animal rescues in need.

I know this was a very long winded about me - If you've met me you'll understand, I talk 1000 miles a minute. I truly appreciate everyone's support and love throughout this journey I'm taking on. It's been tough so far - but like my mama always says "Nothing great in life comes easy."





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